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Our Story

Our Story

15years ago World of Rustic frames was started in a small workshop in Woodstock. Back then it was just seen as a hobby to our craftsman Victor Da Silva. After a long day of work he would sit down and just let out his creative juices and create stunning pieces of art by reusing old wood that he had laying around.



Word of mouth spread fast by more and more people requesting frames and furniture this resulted in the referral of new buyers turning a hobby into a business and World Of Rustic Frames was born. 


Crafted by hand

All our products have been handmade from reclaimed and recycled materials to create the shabby chic designed furniture and frames.



Here at World Of Rustic Frames we feel strongly towards saving the environment and preserving it. That is why all our products are made from only recycled materials.


Our Goals

At World of Rustic Frames we design, create and innovate our frames and furniture so that we can create products that are not only looks great in your home but lasts a lifetime. We feel strongly about the environment and preserving it, that is why we saw the need to to use only recycle wood for all our wooden products. We use Organ pine, pine, sleeper wood, Cherry wood and oak wood or whatever comes our way. We take pride in our wooden furniture and frames  by providing a superb rustic finish whilst helping our environment by not damaging and destroying it.

Our end goal is to create beautiful frames and furniture that is durable and meets our customers needs whilst having no negative environmental impact in the manufacturing process of our products.

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